Life is full of ups and downs… and my life has been no exception. There have been times of darkness and despair, highs of amazing happiness, and generally it is about enjoying the wonderful journey I am on.

I have learnt to accept the challenges that have been thrown at me and through the power of changing how I feel about them, it has given me control and I finally feel that I am the one in the driving seat and the choices are mine to make.

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My Story


“1:1 Coaching helped me to bring my life back on track. Working with Janet she helped me to identify my Passion and now I’m track with Purpose. It is so liberating to feel back in control of my life.”
Lisa M.
“Working with Janet really helped me to understand my emotions and how to deal with them. So many things had happened and I was in turmoil – now I can recognise emotions and work through them.”
Brian K.
“Stress was taking its toll on my life and impacting my family. Now I have learned some simple techniques I can use easily when I need to deal with Stress and I feel much better for it. I can now smile and have fun again.”
Karen B.
My life had gotten to a point where I was stuck and I was feeling so low. Coaching helped me to figure out a way forward and release my past. I am still a “work in progress” but at least I am moving forward and I am feeling I have a future again. Thank you.
Susanne M.